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Finally sitting and watching Smallville (on Hulu). It took awhile to get past the initial bad impression, but as long as I don't expect certain things, it's actually pretty cute.

Happy Thanksgiving

. Friends (FB and RL) who, in the midst of all life's chaos, still say, "hey, it's ok, we're still here and we'll stand with you"
. My job, because it is wonderful and I was so afraid it would just be more of the same (or worse) than the old one, but it's so. much. better.
. My kids because they are awesome and wonderful and they make me so proud of them and I think about them with such amazement that someone who came from me would survive my parenting and turn out so fantastic.
. zdude, for being someone that I can get so mad and frustrated with, but still turn out to be the one I most want to curl up on the couch with and ignore eachother while we read our Kindles. =)
. My job (again) for coming with benefits so I can go (attempt to) find out what's wrong with me, over and over until I get it right, and I can afford the medications for those attempts and I and my kids are completely covered.
. My parents, for being my parents and making me who I am.
. That I have a nice place to live (even if it is small), a roof over my head and storage for my stuff
. Food to eat that is clean and good to eat, and the option to choose food that tastes good even if it's bad for me.
. My hobby, for being made of wonder and magic and sparkle-dust and the people in it who try to live up to a dream.
. Fan-fic, for being a way to occupy my time as well as a method of expanding my understanding, my empathy, my beliefs, and my universe (no lie).

Thanksgiving turned out great. It was just the four of us and the menu was simple. I had Honey make the appetizers while I cooked. The kids decided on those, and made salami with cream cheese  (some plain for them, and some with peppercchini for me), chips and dip (salsa and French onion). zdude watched football and cleaned the living room and Fish did chores and played in his room.

We had a 12 lb turkey. I forgot to get my favorite stuffing from Safeway in time so I had to wing it. I bought precut onion & celery mix, apples, and fresh poultry herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme) and stuffed as much of it in the bird as I could. We don't eat stuffing so when I say stuffing, I mean the flavoring, not the dish. I put the turkey in an oven bag (gosh darn those are handy, and make the turkey come out fantastic!) and cooked for 4 hours. It came out just juicy and falling apart. Wonderful!

Mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and rolls rounded out the meal. Egg nog or ginger ale for drink, and pumpkin pie for dessert. It was very nice (even if Honey insisted that we eat off paper plates so as to cut down on dishes to wash).

Hope all y'all had a great holiday too!

Nov. 18th, 2016

Honey was talking last night about all the tattoos she wants. This is nothing new, she's been very firm on the idea of getting tattoos since she was 4 (6? ugh, memory!) and saw me get mine done. She's also talking about piercings.

She was looking up things (horrible things, things I cannot get out of my head) on the internet to show me what she wanted. Somehow, she's decided on a rose on her shoulder, with the stem and barbed wire entwinned down her arm. WTF, child, really (At least she was kidding about the bleeding rose skull..God, I hope she was kidding). She also wants a celtic infinity knot on her wrist (not so bad), altho she prefaced that with, "Hey mom, what was that infinity symbol that meant polyamory again?". I don't think she's poly, so I don't know where she was going with that (except to maybe make sure she didn't get that one?). I told her she should get her fox and hare device (A fox and hare chasing eachother in a circle).

I've told her that she can't get anything until she's 16, and she has to put some serious thought and planning into whatever she gets because if she gets crap, I'm not letting her get anything else until she's an adult. She's getting labrets for her 16th birthday but I told her she can't get gauges in her ears until she's 18.

Fish says he wants tattoos too. He wants something with a coyote chasing a rocket (no, not a roadrunner), and crossed daggers on his wrists. We'll see about that, he's got plenty of time to decide.

Since I couldn't find a tattoo artist up where we are now in time for my birthday, zdude got me my industrial piercing instead. I love it! The first hole was ok, but he had to struggle a little on the second, so I got a little shocky and almost got sick, but the guy was really good (I'll be going back for tattoos) and got me to lie down real quick. It's healing really quickly and even turning over on that side at night doesn't bother it at all.
Went to the doctor yesterday about my knee being swollen and hurt for the past month. She basically said it was because I'm fat and to take Motrin until it heals. Thanks never so much doc, it's not like I haven't been doing that for a MONTH! Way to avoid actually doing anything to figure out my problem (She didn't do anything but poke a finger at it and compare it visually to my other knee). Also, she convinced me to start Zoloft for my fibro. Ugh, pills!

I need to arrange for a permanent doctor up here; I'm still registered with my doctor down south. I wish I could bring her up here, because she is awesome.

So now I'm exhausted from being in pain and I'm a little depressed that I'm back on pills again (good thing one is also for depression!). I'm gonna go back in my hidey hole and disappear for awhile. Maybe when I come back I'll be able to muster up a Thanks For listmeme.

I wish YouTube was easier to embed here, like it used to be, but check this out: it's beautiful and made me cry.


It's that time again, boys and girls! That's right, time to plan the Thanksgiving menu!

Starting with the basics:
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans

Turkey this year will be done as it's been done with success in the past: in an oven bag with the onion and sage stuffing from Safeway. Why mess with perfection?

Potatoes are in question; do I want plain potatoes (with people complaining and only half the people eating them)? I think it's just the four of us this year: Me and zdude, Honey and Fish. Mashed potatoes has been so done, but there are so many ways to go so bad. I had the thought of horseradish mustard potatoes but I don't know if anyone (including me) would eat them. I think this requires a Pintrest search! Also, Sweet Potatoes - no one likes them but me (yes! Even with brown sugar and marshmellows! smh), so do I make them? Make them just for me? I'd eat them as left overs, but I'd like to do something unusual with them (and no, I don't use canned, ew).

zdude loves green beans, but only cooked from fresh and no sauce or anything done to them. I like green bean cassarole but I don't think either kid does; I don't know if they like green beans at all (Fish used to, but he's at the no-veggies/a-slice-of-bologna-or-the-entire-contents-of-the-freezer-is-a-complete-meal age). Some other veggie would be good, but I don't have any idea what.

So with these basics, I can start building a menu. With 2 1/2 picky eaters and only 4 people to plan for, I think this is gonna be kinda tricky. Also, Pintrest & AllRecipes dot com is gonna be my new best friends for this month. I also need some hor'd'vores ideas (the stuffed mushrooms were rejected by everyone but me last year - and *no one* wants day-after stuffed mushrooms) and I'd like other options in addition to chips n dip. Any ideas, friends list?
Poppies of the Field (63417 words) by kaasknot
Chapters: 13/13
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: android!au, Android!Steve, Cyberpunk, Dubious Consent, Fantastic Racism, PTSD, Agoraphobia, Talk of torture, Suicide mention, Body Horror, I promise there's fluff, Temporary Character Death

"Thank you for purchasing a StarkTech Companion 'Bot! Please state your name for licensing."

Wherein Bucky is a severely agoraphobic combat veteran, and Steve is the android he buys out of loneliness.

I like to think that Asimov would be proud of this amazing story. The only thing I can say is wrong with it is that it should have gone longer, perhaps as a series.

Oct. 19th, 2016

We started watching Luke Cage for date night recently. It's really good, though I'm hoping it will get better after it finishes with setting up the story. zdude looked up the comic on Wikipedia and he was telling me some about the storyline this morning. I reminded him that the show may not follow the canon storyline at all (yes, even if it has characters with the same name - look what they did with Agents Of Shield and Quake).

I'm seeing a lot of talk about it too, but mostly about how POCs/minorities, women, and women minorities don't get enough airtime in general and all the talk about how Luke Cage is racist. WTF people. If it offends you that much, just pretend it's a show about aliens...except how it's really really not. POCs and minorities exist and sometimes, have a culture of their own that you may not know anything about. It doesn't make it fake just because you aren't familiar with it. Deal, already.

Is it just me? I always have to ask.

Ballot in the mail as of yesterday. I voted, will you?

Aftermath (5617 words) by sheffiesharpe
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes/Lestrade (Inspector), Lestrade (Inspector)/OMC
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Anthea (Sherlock), John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Lestrade (Inspector), Sally Donovan
Additional Tags: one Holmes is as difficult as another, Getting to know you, talking about football, Snark, dry socks are important
Series: Part 1 of At Least There's The Football

Lestrade arrives at the pool after the explosion and finds someone else is already there.

This whole series is now my favorite story of all time, I wanted to keep reading it forever! I love shyBAMF!Mycroft rather a lot, like burning.


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