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Hola, Tovarischch! Wie gehts es dir?

I'm amusing myself today thinking of language and how it twists upon itself in fun ways.

I'm thinking of migrating this journal over to my Dreamwidth journal. I'd have to severely slash the number of my tags and get a paid account to accommodate my user icons, but I'm starting to think maybe I should. I know there's been talk and talk about all the problems of LJ pretty much since I started here, and the subject was old then, but the talk is still there and not getting any better. So maybe I should just transfer over and crosspost from there? I feel like it's not like there are more than 3 of you on my friends list reading me anyway, and I'm not sure at all how often that happens. It's no bother; I have a journal mostly for my own benefit and friends are welcome but not vital to the process. Love you guys that do read, tho! Thanks! =)
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I received D&D miniatures to paint as part of my Secret Santa gift at work. I painted them in January (as part of a bigger batch); Wednesday I brought them (as well as some others) in to show the person who had given them to me. The lady really loved them and took pictures to show her husband. I gave her three miscellaneous wizard figures that I had done. They were part of a bunch I bought just because I need to paint people figures once in awhile (as opposed to the monsters I prefer) -- keeps me in practice and helps with the fine control and differences in shading.

I've also been thinking of what I want my coronet to look like. I'm on the list with this one guy who does them. It's a year-long waiting list but he's really good and I wanted someone local, plus I'm not really sure what I want it to look like so it gives me time to think about it.

I know I want pears in jewels on it, and filigree of some kind - tho I'm not sure if I want a Moroccan lattice-looking thing or more LoTRs elvish-type thing. Maybe branches and leaves in filigree so the pears can hang off of them? I don't know. I drew up a few doodles, but I was only ok with one of them and it's more of a really-first-draft,-no-really,-don't-use-this-one, but it gets me a little closer to what I want. I've also been Googling for coronets but I'm just not impressed with what I'm finding. They're either really plain, really elaborate (read: tacky and expensive both), or just (really, really) not me.

Oh well, the thinking is the only thing keeping me awake today. It's super slow at work and I've been really slow moving lately. At least the new meds are working. I haven't been in general pain (except for my knee and that's back and forth) since I started them in November. I call it a win! (Occurs to me that I've been feeling somewhat down and fairly tired most of the time since then too, but as side effects go, it's better than most.)
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zdude and I had a nice, rousing conversation this morning about the difference between humans and animals, religion, evolution, and what exactly "God made man in his image" means (he thinks physically and I think it has more to do with higher reasoning, capability of culture and future-building and 'morality'). We agree that people who don't believe in aliens are dumb, and anyone (who believes in God) who doesn't think God is an alien who created this world (in a fit of loneliness or pique?) is wrong-thinking.

I love my beaufriend. Times like this really remind me why we're together and how we get along so well. Now I need to search out some of the sources I was trying to quote and send them to him to back up what I was saying.

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Kids tell me at the last minute that they are at the school and Fish is supposed to pick an instrument and, oh yeah, the school needs the money for it tonight (50$ deposit, 25$ a month rent til the end of school). Yeah, no. Amazon to the rescue (relatively speaking, as I didn't want to spend anything at all), 90$ to buy him a trumpet, and it's red!

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I was talking to zdude about something or other and said, "That was sarcasm, not sure if you know what that is". Fish pops his head out of his room and says, "I think everyone in this house speaks *that* language" and disappears again. LOL
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Last weekend we celebrated the holidays and helped say goodbye to the house of friends of ours. Beautiful house, they thought they would be able to retire there and then life happened and they're having to relocate. Very sad.

Worked all week, almost had mandatory overtime on Friday with a monster 387 page document, with hundreds of names to be recorded on it. We managed it, but didn't finish (it goes into the correctory pile for working on when we can while we handle the current day's work). We really probably should have stayed; I understand that no one (bosses) really wanted to do that.

It was a little strange not to go to my parents for Christmas. We had a very quiet holiday, just the four of us, with tamales and presents (even tho I told everyone I was just giving money for Christmas, I couldn't help it).

Today is Saru's birthday! Happy birthday, eldest!!! My sleep schedule was knocked kitty-wumpus by the three day weekend, but that meant I was up at midnight to text him happy birthday wishes. Yay!
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When you tell someone your trauma and they treat you differently, don't assume pity. You don't treat your loved one's weaknesses like target practice and it takes time to figure out where the scars have made you stronger.

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Life has been very meh for the past month or so, but yesterday I got to spend the whole day with Saru (whom I haven't seen in a year and a half, as he's been away at college and being an adult) and the day ended with me and all 4 of my kids at my parents' to catch up on stuuuuuf. Yay!day

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RIP Old Nokia

Monday, the old Nokia brick phone that zdude has been using since 2000 was turned off for good. He's gotten messages over the last few years that their service would no longer be covering his type of phone (it's analog!) and he must get a new phone that is covered. They've even left him messages that he could get a new phone if he went in to any of their shops, but when he did the customer reps would say that he can't get a new phone without a form letter and even then it wouldn't be free.

They finally sent him a new phone by mail, a little flip phone. It's adorable, just like the first phone I ever gave Honey, or Fish. He has to learn a whole new way of texting, but at least he can send and receive pics now!
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Finally sitting and watching Smallville (on Hulu). It took awhile to get past the initial bad impression, but as long as I don't expect certain things, it's actually pretty cute.